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Definitions and Interpretations. 1.1 Unless otherwise defined in this Agreement or the context otherwise requires, words and expressions used in this Agreement have the meanings and constructions ascribed to them as set out in Clause 1.1 of the Master Definitions Agreement which is dated 27 April 2012 between, inter alia, the parties hereto (as the same may be amended, varied or supplemented from time to time with the consent of the parties to this Agreement, the "Master Definitions Agreement"). Clause 1.2 of the Master... Definitions Agreement is incorporated herein by reference. Accordingly, this Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the principles of construction and interpretation set out in such Clause 1.2 of the Master Definitions Agreement. View More
Definitions and Interpretations. 1.1 Capitalized terms used throughout this Agreement are listed and defined in Schedule 1.1. 1.2 Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the interpretation of other terms used throughout this Agreement is according to the rules set forth at Schedule 1.2.
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