Definitive Agreement

Example Definitions of "Definitive Agreement"
Definitive Agreement. Means that certain Definitive Agreement to Form Vending Business, dated as of even date herewith, to which the Stockholders are parties and to which this Agreement is an Exhibit.
Definitive Agreement. The agreement memorializing the merger, asset purchase or other disposition of the Communications Business Bundle with Purchaser
Definitive Agreement. The definitive agreement executed in connection with the Corporate Transaction
Definitive Agreement. A definitive agreement between the Parties and/or their Affiliates pursuant to which Odyssey agrees to sell, assign, or transfer certain assets related to its shipwreck business to Monaco, and Monaco agrees to purchase such assets from Odyssey and assume, repay, or otherwise provide for certain obligations of Odyssey
Definitive Agreement. Means an agreement entered into by the Company which, if the transactions contemplated thereby were consummated, would result in a Change in Control.
Definitive Agreement. Means that certain Omnibus Amendment Agreement between the Parties, dated as of the date of this Note, pursuant to which the Current Agreements have been restructured.
Definitive Agreement. Shall mean the final definitive written agreement effecting the Change of Control.
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