Delayed Draw Commitment

Example Definitions of "Delayed Draw Commitment"
Delayed Draw Commitment. Shall mean, with respect to each Delayed Draw Lender, the commitment of such Delayed Draw Lender to make its Delayed Draw Term Loan to the Domestic Borrower pursuant to Section 2.01(c), expressed as a Dollar amount, or the Equivalent in Euros if requested by the Domestic Borrower at such time, representing the maximum aggregate permitted amount of such Delayed Draw Lender's Delayed Draw Credit Exposure hereunder. The Dollar amount of each Delayed Draw Lender's Delayed Draw Commitment is set... forth on Schedule 2.01, or in the Assignment and Acceptance pursuant to which such Delayed Draw Lender shall have assumed its Delayed Draw Commitment, as applicable. The aggregate Dollar amount of the Delayed Draw Commitments on the date hereof is $240.0 million. View More
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