Example Definitions of "Deliverable"
Deliverable. Any work product resulting from the Services that is specifically identified in a Statement of Work and delivered to Customer by Synchronoss.
Deliverable. The express deliverables that are identified in a given Statement of Work and that are provided by one Party to the other Party pursuant to such Statement of Work
Deliverable. Means any item, project, material, documentation, software code (both Object Code and Source Code), or object, or the physical embodiment of the same, required to be delivered by Supplier to Control4 pursuant to this Agreement.
Deliverable. Means all deliverables or other tangible work product prepared by the Seller in the course of the provision of Services to the Buyer or a Customer and specifically identified in a SOW and to be delivered to the Buyer or a Customer under such SOW, excluding Products.
Deliverable. The Affinity Reagent selected by the Company for delivery to the Company pursuant to the Task Order.
Deliverable. The work output, results and other materials, if any, that Company is retained to deliver, develop, and/or provide for each discrete project as further described and identified in a Statement of Work.
Deliverable. Means the work product developed specifically for and unique to Google that is identified in writing and agreed to by the parties and/or labeled as a Deliverable when delivered and/or specified in the applicable SOW, including, but not limited to documents, reports, floor plans and communication plans and delivered by 1Life or One Medical Group to Google under this Agreement. For purposes of clarity, 1Life/One Medical Group will share the calculations used to produce a Deliverable, as... applicable and appropriate; provided, however, for purposes of clarity, this Agreement does not convey any rights of ownership to Google in such calculations. View More
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