Example Definitions of "Deliverables"
Deliverables. All work product created by AmTrust hereunder and required to be delivered or to be made available to GMACI pursuant to a Work Statement, including, without limitation, the Software Deliverable and the Documentation.
Deliverables. Any and all documents delivered, or to be delivered, by Seller to the Escrow Agent pursuant to Section 3.1
Deliverables. Means as described in the Appendix I.
Deliverables. The deliverables of Development as set forth in Attachment B.
Deliverables. The items to be provided or actually provided by Contractor to Company under this Agreement.
Deliverables. Means all materials, reports, information, data, findings, results, conclusions, items and recommendations, including Products, that Cytovance is required to deliver to FivePrime in the performance of Services.
Deliverables. The reports and other tangible items (other than Product) to be prepared, obtained, generated or derived by Manufacturer as part of the Services and to be delivered to Portola, as specified in the relevant Work Order and this Agreement
Deliverables. Shall mean all reports, data, analyses and other information that Optime shall provide Corcept pursuant to each Task Order
Deliverables. The Data and/or materials to be provided to Tokai by QIAGEN in connection with a particular Project
Deliverables. Delivery of the Deliverables specified in the applicable Schedule related to the Services.
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