DELIVERY OF MATERIALS FOR REVIEW. On or before five (5) Business Days after the Effective Date, Seller shall make available to Buyer at Buyer's address set forth in Section 1 above, the Documents for Buyer's review, to the extent the same are in Seller's possession or control. In the alternative, at Seller's option, Seller may make the Documents available to Buyer on a secure web site, and in such event, Buyer agrees that any item to be delivered by Seller under this Agreement shall be deemed delivered to the extent available... to Buyer on such secured web site. Without limitation on the foregoing, Seller shall make such other non-confidential and/or non-internal documents, files and information reasonably requested by Buyer concerning the Property and which are in Seller's possession or control available for Buyer's inspection at Seller's general offices or such other location as shall be mutually convenient to the parties. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, (a) Buyer acknowledges that any Documents made available by Seller to Buyer concerning the Property are for the convenience of Buyer; (b) any environmental reports or other Property information delivered to Buyer by Seller or its agents or consultants are being made available solely as an accommodation to Buyer and may not be relied upon by Buyer in connection with the purchase of the Property unless the same has been certified to Buyer by the preparer thereof for reliance (which certification shall be secured at the sole cost and expense of Buyer); and (c) Buyer agrees that Seller shall have no liability or obligation whatsoever for any inaccuracy in or omission from any Documents. Buyer has conducted, or will conduct pursuant to the provisions of this agreement, its own investigation of the physical, engineering, environmental and any other condition of the Property to the extent Buyer deems such an investigation to be necessary or appropriate. View More
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