Demand Party

Example Definitions of "Demand Party"
Demand Party. (a) The Hoffman Estate provided that such estate holds Registrable Securities ; (b) the Ackerman Estate providing that such estate holds Registrable Securities; or (c) the Business Investor Group, provided that at the time of the request, such requesting party holds 40% or more of the Registrable Securities held by the Business Investor Group in the aggregate on the date of the demand for registration.
Demand Party. Means any Holder or Holders that, either individually or in the aggregate with all other Holders with whom or on whose behalf it is acting to demand registration, holds not less than 9% of the class of Registrable Securities in respect of which such demand for registration is being made, provided, however, that in no event shall any Partnership Unit Holder (a) comprise all or part of any Demand Party hereunder or (b) otherwise have any right, either alone or with any other Holder or Holders, to... request registration pursuant to Section 3(a)(i) of this Agreement. View More
Demand Party. (a) The Investor or (b) any other Holder or Holders, including, without limitation, any Person that may become an assignee of the Investor's rights hereunder; provided that to be a Demand Party under this clause (b), a Holder or Holders must either individually or in aggregate with all other Holders with whom it is acting together to demand registration own at least 1% of the total number of Registrable Securities.
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