Derivative Product

Example Definitions of "Derivative Product"
Derivative Product. An executable runtime copy of a derivative work created by Convergys from the Source Code
Derivative Product. The term 'Derivative Product' shall mean products that are not Licensed Products, but are in the Field and share an active pharmacophore or mechanism of action with any Licensed Product. If a product can be characterized as a Licensed Product and a Derivative Product, then such product shall be considered a Licensed Product.
Derivative Product. Means, with respect to a product of a Licensed Party, any successor, extension, upgrade, or new or enhanced version of such product (or other derivative that arises from the natural evolution of such product) that (a) is substantially based on the same design and materials as such product, have substantially the same features as such product, and perform substantially the same functions as such product; and (b) is created, generated, or developed by or on behalf of the Licensed Party or any of... its Affiliates (or any of their respective permitted successors or permitted assigns), whether contemplated as of the Effective Time or thereafter. View More
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