Derivative Works

Example Definitions of "Derivative Works"
Derivative Works. Any improvement, revision, modification, translation (including compilation or recapitulation by computer), abridgment, condensation, expansion or other work developed by Licensee which is based upon, in whole or in part, the Source Code and/or the Documentation
Derivative Works. Any computer program, work, product, service, improvement, supplement, modification, alteration, addition, revision, enhancement, new version, new edition, remake, sequel, translation, adaptation, design, plot, theme, character, story line, concept, scene, audio-visual display, interface element or aspect, in any medium, format, use or form whatsoever, whether interactive or linear and whether now known or unknown (including but not limited to sound recordings, phonorecords, computer-assisted... media, games, books, magazines, periodicals, merchandise, animation, home videos, radio, motion pictures, cable and television), that is derived directly or indirectly, from any Trademarks, or any part or aspect of any thereof, or that uses or incorporates any of the Trademarks, or any part or aspect of any thereof. View More
Derivative Works. A work or works created by Licensee, or by Licensor or on behalf of Licensee or Licensor, which is based on or incorporates the Technology or any part thereof, including, without limitation, revisions, modifications, adaptations, condensations, improvements, updates, enhancements, or any other form in which the Technology or any part thereof may be recast, transformed, adapted, modified or revised
Derivative Works. A work consisting of any correction, modification, update, upgrade, enhancement, improvement, translation, adaptation, release or other change relating to the Licensed Software.
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