Determining Body

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Determining Body. (i) the Board of Directors by a majority vote of a quorum of the entire board consisting of directors who are not named as parties to the Claim for which indemnification is being sought ("Disinterested Directors"), or (ii) if such a quorum is not obtainable, independent legal counsel (A) selected by the Disinterested Directors, or (B) if there are fewer than two Disinterested Directors, selected by the Board of Directors (in which selection directors who do not qualify as Disinterested... Directors may participate); provided, however, that following a Change of Control, with respect to all matters thereafter arising out of acts, omissions or events occurring prior to or after the Change of Control concerning the rights of Indemnitee to seek indemnification, such determination shall be made by independent legal counsel selected by the Board of Directors in the manner described above in this Section 2(c) (which selection shall not be unreasonably delayed or withheld) from a panel of three counsel nominated by Indemnitee. Such counsel shall not have otherwise performed services for the Corporation, Indemnitee or their affiliates (other than services as independent counsel in connection with similar matters) within the five years preceding its engagement ("Independent Counsel"). If Indemnitee fails to nominate Independent Counsel within ten business days following written request by the Corporation, the Board of Directors shall select Independent Counsel. Such counsel shall not be a person who, under the applicable standards of professional conduct then prevailing, would have a conflict of interest in representing either the Corporation or Indemnitee in an action to determine Indemnitee's rights under this Agreement, nor shall Independent Counsel be any person who has been sanctioned or censured for ethical violations of applicable standards of professional conduct. The Corporation agrees to pay the reasonable fees and costs of the Independent Counsel referred to above and to fully indemnify such Independent Counsel against any and all expenses, claims, liabilities and damages arising out of or relating to this Section 2(c) or its engagement pursuant hereto. The Determining Body shall determine in accordance with Section 6 whether and to what extent Indemnitee is entitled to be indemnified under this Agreement and shall render a written opinion to the Corporation and to Indemnitee to such effect. View More
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