Developed Intellectual Property

Example Definitions of "Developed Intellectual Property"
Developed Intellectual Property. Means all Intellectual Property made, invented, developed, created, conceived, or reduced to practice (a) as a result of work conducted pursuant to this Agreement or by a party or its Affiliate in its evaluation, use, or implementation of the other party's Background Intellectual Property, or (b) by a receiving party or its Affiliate derived from or based on the other party's or its Affiliate's Confidential Information, in each case, including all rights in any patents or patent applications,... copyrights, trade secrets, and other Intellectual Property rights relating thereto. For the removal of doubt, Developed Intellectual Property shall not include any know-how, trade secrets or patents currently controlled by or during this agreement developed by Nanophase and its Affiliates related to protection from and or prevention of damage from UV, HEV, IR, or pollution View More
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