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Developed Technology. All schematics, development tools, objects, routines, subroutines, methodologies, algorithms, specifications, designs, drawings, software programs (in both Source Code and Object Code form), including, without limitation, the Developed Software, Developed Hardware, data files, inventions (whether patentable or not), know-how, trade secret or other technology or materials and the Intellectual Property Rights related to or arising from any of the foregoing created, developed, or otherwise reduced... to practice, whether developed by KLATU alone or jointly with CRYOPORT, pursuant to a Statement of Work under the Agreement, and which has been fully funded and paid for by CRYOPORT as provided in the applicable Statement of Work. This specifically includes the logistics management platform that is provided under the trademark CRYOPOTALTM or any other software developed pursuant to a Statement of Work that is used to automate order entry, prepare customs and other required documentation, facilitate status, location and condition monitoring of shipped orders while in transit or that serves as a data repository for the chain-of-custody and chain-of-condition of each shipment transaction for retention and analysis. It is understood and agreed to by the Parties that the Cryoport Dewar and related physical shipping materials have been developed solely by CRYOPORT, and are thus expressly excluded from the Developed Technology. It is further understood and agreed that the intellectual property of KLATU including but not limited to the cloud application known as TRAXX, related and other intellectual property for determining health, condition location and remaining life of a thermal mass for a package in transit, opportunistic network communications with a package during shipment, and browser toolbar for display of data logger information are and shall remain the sole property of KLATU. CRYOPORT acknowledges and agrees that it has no claims of ownership or license rights to this intellectual property under this or any other Agreement. View More
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