Development IP

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Development IP. Means, collectively, the BSC Solely Invented Development IP, the SVI Solely Invented Development IP and the Joint Development IP, in each case that is conceived or reduced to practice during the Term and, unless CPI terminates this Agreement pursuant to Section 5(B) or Section 5(C)(v), a period of two (2) years thereafter. For the avoidance of any doubt, in no event shall the Development IP include (i) the Royalty Patents, (ii) any Existing Intellectual Property, (iii) any Future Intellectual... Property or Joint Intellectual Property conceived and reduced to practice prior to the Effective Date, or (iv) IPR in and to any Intellectual Property licensed by SVI pursuant to the JHU Agreements. The Parties agree and acknowledge that any Future Intellectual Property conceived or reduced to practice after the Effective Date may also constitute Development IP. View More
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