Development Program

Example Definitions of "Development Program"
Development Program. The program of development of the Integrated Product to be conducted under Section 2 of this Agreement, beginning on the Effective Date and ending on the completion of the Milestones
Development Program. A research and development program carried out by Replidyne and, as applicable, Forest pursuant to Article 4, as more fully described in the Development Plan
Development Program. A Phase I clinical development program and a single Phase II clinical trial of the Compound and all non-clinical research activities with respect to the Compound necessary to initiate, conduct and complete such clinical development during the Development Term
Development Program. The research and development program with respect to the Compound conducted during the Development Term.
Development Program. Shall mean the program for designing, engineering, developing, optimizing, testing, initiating manufacturing and obtaining Regulatory Approval for commercial marketing of the Product pursuant to the Development Plan and Product Accessories checklist.
Development Program. Enveric's plan for preclinical and clinical testing of Product for the supportive/palliative care of subjects having radiodermatitis, glioblastoma and chemotherapy-induced neuropathy, as may be amended from time to time.
Development Program. The program to develop the Product described in Exhibit A
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