Development Work

Example Definitions of "Development Work"
Development Work. Any and all work to be performed by SIEMENS and/or SURGIVISION in the frame of this Agreement.
Development Work. All activities relating to obtaining REGULATORY APPROVAL, and activities relating to manufacture of the BULK DRUG SUBSTANCE and PRODUCTS, including but not limited to activities relating to preclinical test, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, CLINICAL STUDIES, manufacturing process, formulation, quality assurance, quality control and regulatory affairs.
Development Work. Means activities, as specified and scheduled in this Agreement, to be undertaken by SurgiQuest and/or WOM for the development, testing, evaluation, and regulatory approval of the DPIS Device and the Tube Sets. The Statement of Work for the Development Work and preliminary Product Specifications shall be developed by the Parties in accordance with Section 2.1(a) and attached hereto as Attachment A to this Agreement.
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