Example Definitions of "Development"
Development. Studies conducted by AVID under this Agreement to develop a process to Produce Bulk Drug Substance in accordance with the Specifications and cGMP, provided such studies have been agreed to in writing by the parties.
Development. Means as described in the Appendix.
Development. The work necessary to develop the C200 System in accordance with this Agreement and such that the C200 System meets the then current C200 System Specifications.
Development. Shall mean the Parties' activities directed towards the validation, development, analysis, manufacture, achievement of regulatory approval for, and sale and marketing of the Diagnostic Products throughout the world.
Development. Any invention, improvement, works of authorship, know-how, techniques, innovations, technique, process, procedure, concept, idea, implementation, design, specification, discovery, algorithm, code, documentation or formula developed, conceived of, reduced to practice, or created by or on behalf of NSGT and/or its Subcontractors in the course of, or as a result of, performing the Services hereunder, whether alone or in conjunction with others.
Development. Means all preparation for the removal and recovery of Products (other than Exploration), including construction and installation of a mill or any other improvements to be used for the mining, handling, milling, processing, or other beneficiation of Products, and all related Environmental Compliance.
Development. Has the meaning set forth in the introductory paragraph of this Agreement.
Development. The performance of all development activities, including any pre-clinical and clinical development activities, including, without limitation, toxicology, pharmacology, test method development and stability testing, process development, formulation development, quality control development, statistical analysis, Clinical Trials, and manufacturing and regulatory activities or any similar activities that are useful or otherwise required to obtain Regulatory Approval of a Covered Product in the... Territory, including interacting with any Regulatory Authorities in the Territory regarding the foregoing. View More
Development. All activities relating to obtaining Regulatory Approval of the Products, including preclinical testing, toxicology, formulation, local clinical trials, stability testing and regulatory affairs. "Develop" shall have a corresponding meaning
Development. Means the research and development of the Product, including all aspects of all activities that are necessary to enable the filing of an IND as well as those activities occurring from and after the filing of an IND, through and including obtaining Regulatory Approval of a BLA and any other Regulatory Approvals required for the Manufacture and Commercialization of the Product in a country. Development includes performance of clinical trials that are required by a Regulatory Authority as a... condition to obtaining or maintaining Regulatory Approvals for the Product. When used as a verb, Develop means to engage in Development. View More
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