Diligent Efforts

Example Definitions of "Diligent Efforts"
Diligent Efforts. Means, with respect to Procaps' obligations under this Agreement to Pursue Approval or Market and Distribute the Product, the carrying out of such obligations or tasks in a sustained and diligent manner consistent with the reasonable best practices of the pharmaceutical industry for the approval or marketing and distribution of a high priority pharmaceutical product at a similar stage of development or commercialization.
Diligent Efforts. With regard to Commercialization means the carrying out of obligations in a sustained manner consistent with the efforts a Party devotes to a product of similar market potential, profit potential or strategic value resulting from its own research efforts based on conditions then prevailing, with the objective of focusing on the best interests of patients and to maximize the net value of the overall portfolio of Collaboration Products (as defined in the Collaboration Agreement) and Alliance... Products, using GSK's cost of capital as the discount rate. View More
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