Diminution in Responsibility

Example Definitions of "Diminution in Responsibility"
Diminution in Responsibility. (i) a material diminution in Executive's duties or responsibilities or the assignment to Executive of duties that are materially inconsistent with his duties as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company or that materially impair Executive's ability to function in his position; (ii) the Company's failure, during the Employment Term, to cause the election of Executive to the Board; (iii) a relocation of the Company's principal offices, without Executive's acquiescence or consent, to a... location that is more than a 50 mile radius from its current location; (iv) any material reduction in the compensation and benefit opportunities of the Executive (measured in the aggregate); or (v) any breach by the Company of any material provision of this Agreement, provided that Executive has given the Company written notice of such breach and the Company has failed to cure such breach within a period that is reasonable under the circumstances View More
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