Direct Operational Costs

Example Definitions of "Direct Operational Costs"
Direct Operational Costs. Those costs and expenses incurred in connection with Joint Venture's operations, including, without limitation, those costs and expenses directly related to the operational development of the Joint Venture, management of the Joint Venture, costs paid to Farmers for the Product, and the handling, shipping, and administrative fees of the Joint Venture, all of which shall be paid from the Joint Venture prior to the distribution of Gross Profits. Direct Operational Costs exclude (i) any and all... corporate allocations of overhead, salaries, and costs other than those directly associated with the management and maintenance of the Joint Venture, (ii) directors or outside fees of the Parties not directly relating to operational necessity of the Joint Venture, (iii) owner or manager distributions of any kind made by the Parties (other than distributions of Gross Profits pursuant to Section 3(b)), and (iv) any expenses, costs, or fees related to the foregoing View More
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