Director Fees

Example Definitions of "Director Fees"
Director Fees. All compensation and fees paid to a Non-Employee Director by the Company for his or her services as a member of the Board of Directors.
Director Fees. The cash annual retainer fees and any meeting fees paid by the Company as compensation for services on the Board or any committee thereof.
Director Fees. Any compensation payable by the Company in the form of cash to a Non-Employee Director for service as a Non-Employee Director on the Board or any committee of the Board as may be approved from time to time by the Board, excluding expense allowances, reimbursements and insurance premiums paid to or on behalf of such Non-Employee Directors.
Director Fees. Annual retainers, monthly fees or committee meeting fees for serving as directors of Prime Meridian or the Bank
Director Fees. The cash compensation paid to an Outside Director by reason of his membership on the Board or any committee thereof
Director Fees. Means the amount of all compensation payable to a Director for services as a member of the Board (including service on any Board committee) that, but for any election made by such Director to receive such compensation in the form of an Award under Section 11 of the Plan, would have been payable in cash to such Director.
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