Director Termination Date

Example Definitions of "Director Termination Date"
Director Termination Date. The earliest of: (i) the first date on which (x) any member of the Restricted Group engages in any of the activities prohibited by Article IV if such violation is not wholly cured within three (3) business days following written notice thereof by the Company, (y) any member of the Restricted Group engages in a Schedule 13D Transaction, or (z) the filing of an amendment to the Schedule 13D previously filed by certain of the Restricted Group with the Commission indicating that any member of the... Restricted Group has a plan or proposal to engage in, or that it has engaged in, a Schedule 13D Transaction (other than an amendment filed following the execution and delivery of this Agreement announcing such execution and delivery or subsequent filings necessitated by the terms of this Agreement and actions by the parties hereunder); or (ii) the first date on which there shall be no Restricted Group Directors then in office as members of the Board of Directors and the Restricted Group Designee shall not have named a successor to any of the Restricted Group Directors in accordance with Section 2.1 hereof View More
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