Disability Termination Compensation

Example Definitions of "Disability Termination Compensation"
Disability Termination Compensation. Shall mean: (i) all amounts accrued to Employee through the Termination Date, any unreimbursed expenses incurred pursuant to Subsection 5(h) of this Agreement, and any other benefits specifically provided to Employee under any benefit plan; (ii) the continuation for a period of 12 months of Employee's Base Salary, payable on the Company's regular payroll payment dates; (iii) the continuation, at the Company's expense, of group medical coverage under the same terms as in effect at the... Termination Date for the earlier of (1) two months past the Termination Date, or (2) until Employee obtains alternate health insurance coverage, in addition to any health insurance continuation obligation under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA); and (iv) full acceleration of all vesting of Options and any other options or shares of capital stock that may be subject to vesting, so that all Options and any other options and shares subject to any vesting will be immediately vested and exercisable as of and for a period of two years following the Termination Date. View More
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