Discharge of the Senior Debt

Example Definitions of "Discharge of the Senior Debt"
Discharge of the Senior Debt. (a) payment in full in cash (or another form acceptable to each Senior Lender) (other than outstanding Letters of Credit, unasserted contingent indemnification obligations and the items provided for in clauses (c) and (d) below) of the Senior Debt; (b) termination or expiration of all commitments to lend or issue letters of credit under the Senior Debt Documents; (c) termination or cash collateralization (in an amount and in the manner required by the Senior Credit Agreement as in effect as of... the date hereof) of all outstanding letters of credit issued under the Senior Debt Documents or that constitute Senior Debt; and (d) cash collateralization of any costs, expenses and contingent indemnification obligations consisting of Senior Debt not yet due and payable but with respect to which a claim has been asserted (in each case in an amount and manner reasonably satisfactory to the Agent). View More
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