Disinterested Persons

Example Definitions of "Disinterested Persons"
Disinterested Persons. The non-employee directors of the Company within the meaning of Rule 16b-3 as promulgated under the Exchange Act
Disinterested Persons. A member of the Board of Directors who is considered a disinterested person within the meaning of Exchange Act Rule 16b-3 or any successor definition
Disinterested Persons. The "non-employee directors" of the Company as such term is defined in Rule 16b-3
Disinterested Persons. Means an administrator of this Plan who is not at the time he or she exercises discretion in administering this Plan eligible, has not at any time within one year prior thereto been eligible, and for one year after so serving will not be eligible, for selection as a person to whom an Award may be granted pursuant to this Plan or any other plan of the Company entitling the participants therein to acquire stock or stock options of the Company.
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