Example Definitions of "Disposition"
Disposition. The sale, transfer, exchange, assignment, liquidation, conveyance, pledge or other disposition or transaction treated under the applicable rules under Section 382 of the Code as a direct or indirect disposition (including the disposition of an ownership interest in a Substantial Holder). The terms "Dispose" and "Disposition" shall have the same meaning.
Disposition. Means a documented decision on the acceptability for use of a specific Batch or Lot of material that is based on a process of reviewing data associated with the production and testing of the material or product.
Disposition. Or "Dispose" means the sale, assignment, transfer, license, lease (as lessor), exchange, or other disposition (including any sale and leaseback transaction) of any property by any person (or the granting of any option or other right to do any of the foregoing).
Disposition. The sale, mortgage, pledge, subordination, redemption, assignment or any other transfer of any Asset or right to an Asset, other than the payoff of loans listed on Exhibit B, by the small business or by a third party lender through action initiated by the small business.
Disposition. The sale, transfer, license, lease or other disposition of any property, or part thereof, with or without recourse.
Disposition. Any assignment, transfer, sale, exchange, conveyance, disposition, gift or testamentary disposition whatsoever, whether voluntary, involuntary, by operation of law or otherwise
Disposition. Any (i) offer, pledge, sale, contract to sell, sale of any option or contract to purchase, purchase of any option or contract to sell, grant of any option, right or warrant for the sale of, or other disposition of or transfer of any Ordinary Shares, American Depositary Shares or Ordinary Share Equivalents, including, without limitation, any "short sale" or similar arrangement, or (ii) swap, hedge, derivative instrument, or any other agreement or any transaction that transfers, in whole or in... part, directly or indirectly, the economic consequence of ownership of Ordinary Shares, American Depositary Shares or Ordinary Share Equivalents, whether any such swap or transaction is to be settled by delivery of securities, in cash or otherwise View More
Disposition. Any transaction, or series of related transactions, pursuant to which any Person or any of its Subsidiaries sells, assigns, transfers, leases, licenses (as licensor) or otherwise disposes of any property or assets (whether now owned or hereafter acquired) to any other Person, in each case, whether or not the consideration therefor consists of cash, securities or other assets owned by the acquiring Person.
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