Example Definitions of "Disputed"
Disputed. If (i) the Account Debtor disputes the Account, including the amount owing, timely delivery of the goods, conformity of the goods or services to the order, or any other aspect of the sale giving rise to the Account for any reason whatsoever, even if the dispute has no merit, is in bad faith or is unreasonable, (ii) the Account contains mistakes, is not correct or was sent in error, or (iii) all of the following three conditions exist: (a) the Account is not paid within 90 days of its invoice... date, (b) the Account Debtor will not communicate the reason for non-payment to Purchaser after commercially reasonable efforts by Purchaser to contact the Account Debtor, and (c) the Seller fails to produce, within such time period, good and sufficient evidence that nonpayment is due to the Account Debtor's financial inability to pay, the pendency of a bankruptcy proceeding by or against the Account Debtor or some reason other than a dispute of the type referred to above View More
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