Dividend Payment

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Dividend Payment. Means dividends (in cash, property or obligations) on, or other payments or distributions on account of, or the setting apart of money for a sinking or other analogous fund for, or the purchase, redemption, retirement or other acquisition of, any Stock of any class of capital stock of the Company, or of any warrants, options or other rights to acquire the same.
Dividend Payment. For purposes of this Agreement, "Dividend Payment" is defined as the product of (i) the number of shares of Company common stock underlying all Equity Awards then held by Employee (whether or not such Equity Awards are vested at the time, provided, however, that for this purpose the term "Equity Awards" shall not include any award of restricted stock (unless such award prohibits the payment of dividends on such restricted stock) and shall also not include any stock option with an exercise price... greater than the then current fair market value of Company common stock, and provided further, that the Company agrees that the terms of any Equity Award will not prohibit the payments contemplated by Section 5(e)) times (ii) the per share dividend amount paid to shareholders of the Company. View More
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