Example Definitions of "Dividends"
Dividends. Cash dividends and cash distributions with respect to any Equity Interest.
Dividends. Any dividends or other distributions of money or other property by Wells REIT to its Stockholders, including distributions that may constitute a return of capital for federal income tax purposes.
Dividends. Any dividends, dividend equivalents, bonuses or other distributions paid or payable by either of the Kidz Biz Companies to the Shareholders on or after October 1, 2001 through and up to (and including) the Closing Date (other than base salaries paid in the ordinary course consistent with past practice)
Dividends. Each Short-Term RSU includes a Dividend Equivalent Right, which entitles you to receive an amount (less applicable withholding), at or after the time of distribution of any regular cash dividend paid by GS Inc. in respect of a share of Common Stock, equal to any regular cash dividend payment that would have been made in respect of an RSU Share underlying your Outstanding Short-Term RSUs for any record date that occurs on or after the Date of Grant.
Dividends. You will be entitled to receive on a current basis any regular cash dividend paid in respect of your Fixed Allowance Restricted Shares.
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