Documents of Title

Example Definitions of "Documents of Title"
Documents of Title. Collectively any and all certificates of title, leases, reservations, permits, licenses, assignments, trust declarations, royalty agreements, operating agreements or procedures, participation agreements, farmin and farmout agreements, sale and purchase agreements, pooling agreements and any other agreements reserving or otherwise conferring rights to (i) explore for, drill for, produce, take, use or market Petroleum Substances, (ii) share in the production of Petroleum Substances, (iii) share... in the proceeds from, or measured or calculated by reference to the value or quantity of, Petroleum Substances which are produced and (iv) rights to acquire any of the rights described in items (i) to (iii) of this definition; but only if the foregoing pertain in whole or in part to Petroleum Substances within, upon or under the Lands, including to those which are described in Schedule 1 View More
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