Domestic Partner

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Domestic Partner. A person who meets and continues to meet all of the criteria detailed in the Gilead Sciences Affidavit of Domestic Partnership when the Domestic Partnership has been internally registered with the Company by filing with the Company an original, properly completed, notarized Gilead Sciences Affidavit of Domestic Partnership
Domestic Partner. The person identified by Key Employee as his or her domestic partner in an Affidavit of Domestic Partner filed with the Company, and who at the time of Key Employee's death, retirement or other termination of employment, as the case may be, continues to meet all requirements for a domestic partner under the Company's then current domestic partner program. For all purposes of this Agreement, a Domestic Partner shall be treated as a Spouse, or Surviving Spouse, as the case may be, and the term... "Spouse" or "Surviving Spouse" as used herein shall include a Domestic Partner. The purpose of this provision is that, taking into account the provisions of, and payments under the Retirement Plan, Disability and Survivorship Plan and this Agreement, the Key Employee and his or her Domestic Partner shall receive the same amounts (but no more) payable, to the greatest extent possible, in the same form and at the same time, and subject to the same reductions as those amounts payable under such plans and this Agreement as if such Domestic Partner had been the legal Spouse of Key Employee for purposes of the Retirement Plan. Provided however, any such payment is not intended to duplicate monthly survivor benefits made under the Disability and Survivorship Plan to such Domestic Partner and no benefit shall be payable under this Agreement that is payable from the Disability and Survivorship Plan, taking into account the Restrictions, such that the Domestic Partner would receive greater benefits than would have otherwise been payable had the Domestic Partner been a Spouse. View More
Domestic Partner. For purposes of this Agreement, "Domestic Partner" means any natural person qualifying as a domestic partner under the provisions of any applicable federal, state or local law or under the provisions of any formal program established by the Company.
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