Drug Product

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Drug Product. Any finished drug product that is developed, manufactured, marketed or sold by ImmunoGen or any Marketing Partner that incorporates, is comprised of, or is derived from, DMx conjugated with an antibody.
Drug Product. Drug Product incorporating telaprevir.
Drug Product. A composition of matter used in the treatment, prevention or diagnosis of disease, state or condition, which composition of matter is (i) a Compound, or (ii) derived from the use of a Compound as [*] of such composition of matter
Drug Product. Each pharmaceutical product set forth in a Project Plan to be produced by COOK in bulk or finished dosage form for development and/or clinical use only.
Drug Product. The sublingual formulation of Fentanyl owned by PURCHASER and currently known as "Fentanyl SL".
Drug Product. A pharmaceutical product containing [***] of API as the sole active ingredient and formulated for intravaginal delivery, excluding any Applicators.
Drug Product. RAPTOR's proprietary drug formulation for pulmonary administration (which, for the avoidance of doubt, also includes MPEX's proprietary drug formulation which is currently owned by RAPTOR) which includes levofloxacin alone or in addition to one or more other substances, chemicals or ingredients, which shall be promoted, provided and sold for use exclusively with PARI's proprietary inhalation delivery device which is based on the eFlow technology.
Drug Product. Means the Product in the form to be supplied to Takeda in accordance with this Agreement, including the Specifications
Drug Product. Means the final dosage form of an active pharmaceutical ingredient that is intended for human use.
Drug Product. The Product in bulk tablet form
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