Drug Substance

Example Definitions of "Drug Substance"
Drug Substance. Means the active pharmaceutical ingredient oxytocin contained in the Product, having the structure set forth in Schedule B.
Drug Substance. Means the drug substance identified in Schedule 1 annexed hereto, supplied in bulk form meeting the Specifications. It is understood that such drug substance shall only be used by Aradigm in connection with research and development or commercialization of the Drug Product(s) identified in Schedule 1 in the Territory.
Drug Substance. Telaprevir manufactured in bulk form.
Drug Substance. The drug substance to be supplied by Client and processed into Client Product in accordance with the Quote.
Drug Substance. Means the Product in bulk form prior to being formulated and packaged in the form required for delivery to Takeda in accordance with this Agreement, including the Specifications
Drug Substance. Means the active pharmaceutical ingredient known as AQW051, ****.
Drug Substance. Is the bulk purified recombinant protein produced using the Cell Line and purified using the Process.
Drug Substance. Means the unformulated TriKE Product.
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