DST Organization and Offering Expenses

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DST Organization and Offering Expenses. Shall mean any and all cumulative costs and expenses incurred by and to be paid from the assets of the Company or any of its subsidiaries, including amounts reimbursable to the Adviser and its Affiliates pursuant and subject to Section 11(c)(ii) hereof, in connection with the formation and qualification of any Private Placements of any securities undertaken in connection with any DST Properties and conducted by the Company or any of its subsidiaries and the subsequent marketing and distribution... of such securities, including, without limitation, the following: total underwriting and brokerage discounts and commissions (including fees of the underwriters' attorneys), any expense allowance granted by the Company or its subsidiaries to the underwriter (which may include a dealer manager) or any reimbursement of expenses of the underwriter by the Company or its subsidiaries, expenses for printing, engraving, mailing and distributing costs, salaries of employees while engaged in sales activity, telephone and other telecommunications costs, all advertising and marketing expenses (including the costs related to investor and broker-dealer sales meetings), charges of transfer agents, custodians, registrars, trustees, escrow holders, depositories, consultants, experts, fees, expenses and taxes related to the qualification of the sale of the securities under federal and state laws, including accountants' and attorneys' fees. View More
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