Earned Compensation

Example Definitions of "Earned Compensation"
Earned Compensation. All base salary, paid time off, and all other amounts to which Executive may be entitled to receive under any employee benefit plan maintained by the Company that have been earned but not paid to Executive as of his Termination Date.
Earned Compensation. Means the sum of (i) any Base Salary earned, but unpaid, for services rendered to the Company on or prior to the date of termination, (ii) any annual Incentive Compensation payable for services rendered in the calendar year preceding the calendar year in which the date of termination occurs that has not been paid on or prior to the date of termination (other than Base Salary and Incentive Compensation that has been deferred, if any, pursuant to Executive's election), (iii) any accrued but... unused vacation days and (iv) any business expenses incurred on or prior to the date of the Executive's termination that are eligible for reimbursement in accordance with the Company's expense reimbursement policies as then in effect. View More
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