Earnings Per Share Growth Rate

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Earnings Per Share Growth Rate. For the Performance Period is the compounded annual-growth rate ("CAGR") of a company's earnings per share from continuing operations, on a fully diluted basis, during the Performance Period; provided, however, that for purposes of calculating the Company's Earnings Per Share Growth Rate, SunCor Development Company's earnings or losses will be disregarded for each fiscal year during the Performance Period. Only those companies that were included in the Growth Index in each of the years of the... Performance Period will be considered. The Earnings Per Share Growth Rates of the companies in the Growth Index will be determined using an independent third party data system. If the Growth Index is discontinued, the Committee shall select the most comparable index then in use for the sector comparison. In addition, if the sector comparison is no longer representative of the Company's industry or business, the Committee shall replace the Growth Index with the most representative index then in use. Once the CAGR of the Company and all relevant companies in the Growth Index have been determined, the member companies will be ranked from greatest to least CAGR. Percentiles will be calculated based on a company's relative ranking. For example, company 1 out of 26 companies is given a percentile of 96.2% (1.0 — 1/26). Percentiles will be carried out to one (1) decimal place. If the Company is not in the Growth Index, then its percentile will be interpolated between the companies listed in the relative ranking. These calculations will be verified by the Company's internal auditors. View More
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