Earnout Period

Example Definitions of "Earnout Period"
Earnout Period. Shall mean the five (5) year period beginning on the date of this agreement first listed above and expiring on the day immediately prior to the five (5) year anniversary of the date of this Agreement.
Earnout Period. Means the period commencing on the Closing Date and continuing thereafter until (and including) the date immediately prior to the first anniversary of the Closing Date, without regard to the normal fiscal year of the Buyer.
Earnout Period. The Initial Earnout Period and the Second Earnout Period, as the case may be
Earnout Period. The First Earnout Period, the Second Earnout Period and the Third Earnout Period, as applicable.
Earnout Period. Means each complete fiscal quarter following the Commencement Date in which cDistro achieves an initial or consecutive Gross Revenue amount of at least $600,000.
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