Example Definitions of "EBITDAX"
EBITDAX. Shall mean for any period, the sum of a Person's net income for the period minus any non-recurring gains (losses) from the sale of assets, plus non-recurring expenses (including non-recurring workovers that improve production levels), plus non-recurring costs associated with acquisitions and prospects plus the following charges to the extent deducted from net income in such period: interest, income taxes (including franchise taxes calculated with respect to income), depreciation, depletion and... amortization, and any other non-cash charges and non-cash revenues plus intangible drilling costs and lease impairment expenses and write downs from impairment of oil and gas properties) and after eliminating extraordinary items. In addition, for any applicable period during which an acquisition or disposition permitted by this Agreement is consummated, EBITDAX shall be determined on a pro forma basis (with such calculation to be acceptable to, and approved by, Bank) as if such acquisition or disposition were consummated on the first day of such applicable period. View More
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