EIG Confidential Information

Example Definitions of "EIG Confidential Information"
EIG Confidential Information. All Confidential Information (as defined in the Agreement) disclosed by EIG to Service Provider including, without limitation, all Personal Data, Sensitive Personal Data, and all information and materials relating to EIG's (a) business, operations, financial condition, marketing, pricing, business plans, capital structure, organizational structure, information systems, management, service partners, subcontractors, and vendors; (b) services, products, tools, methodologies, processes, know-how... and intellectual capital, research and development, inventions; (c) directors, officers, management, employees, retirees, benefit plan participants and dependents, and shareholders; (d) clients and any of their needs and plans, directors, officers, employees, retirees, benefit plan participants and dependents, and shareholders (e) EIG system user names or system identities, IT architecture and infrastructure and similar type of information that identify EIG environments (f) any other information that a reasonable business person would understand to be confidential or not otherwise publicly available. The EIG Confidential Information will not include information or materials (except those comprising Personal Data or Sensitive Personal Data): (a) already known to the recipient and documented in its files at the time of disclosure; (b) in the public domain or available to the public; (c) available to the recipient from third parties without any nondisclosure obligation to the discloser that is known to recipient; or (d) independently developed by recipient without any reference to EIG Confidential Information. View More
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