Eligible Loan

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Eligible Loan. A Loan secured by a first mortgage lien on a one to four family residential property and (i) as to which the representations and warranties in Section 12 and Schedule 1 to the Agreement are correct as of each day on which a Transaction is outstanding, (ii) which was originated by the Seller in accordance with the Underwriting Guidelines, (iii) if such Loan is a Dry Loan, which contains all required Loan Documents without Exceptions unless otherwise waived by Buyer, (iv) which is, in the sole... discretion of Buyer, eligible for sale to an Agency or another third party investor in mortgage loans in the secondary market acceptable to Buyer and (v) which satisfies such other customary criteria for eligibility determined by the Buyer. View More
Eligible Loan. The Custodian File with respect to such Loan shall have been delivered to the Custodian within five (5) Business Days following acquisition of such Loan by the Seller; provided that, prior to the Obligor Note Delivery Date, such Custodian File may exclude the related Obligor Note (excluding any Obligor Note that is delivered electronically) until the Obligor Note Delivery Date has occurred, at which time such Obligor Note shall be or shall have been delivered to the Custodian;.
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