Eligible Participants

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Eligible Participants. The key employees and officers of the Employer who are eligible to receive Awards under this Plan, in accordance with Section 4(c) of this Part 1
Eligible Participants. Any of the following individuals who is designated by the Committee as eligible to receive Awards, subject to the conditions set forth in this Plan: any officer, employee, consultant or advisor of the Company. The term employee does not include any individual who is not, as of the grant date of an Award, classified by the Company as an employee on its corporate books and records even if that individual is later reclassified (by the Company, any court, any governmental or regulatory agency or... otherwise) as an employee as of the grant date. Non-Employee Directors are not Eligible Participants. View More
Eligible Participants. Employees of the Corporation and its domestic subsidiaries (including executive officers and officers of the Corporation), employees of international subsidiaries and joint venture operations of the Corporation and its subsidiaries, and employees of joint venture partners who are assigned to any such joint ventures
Eligible Participants. Persons who, at a particular time, are employees, officers or directors of the Company or its Subsidiaries
Eligible Participants. Those executives or employees designated as such by the Administrator in its sole discretion, who are listed in Schedule A, attached hereto, as such schedule is amended by the Administrator from time to time, and who meet the eligibility requirements set forth in Section 3 of this Plan.
Eligible Participants. Those Employees of TransCore or its affiliates or subsidiaries as of the Effective Date who have been granted, but not yet vested in, benefits under any of the Covered SAIC Plans. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Eligible Participants shall exclude any individual participating in the TransCore 1999 Employee Retention Plan A.
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