Eligible Termination

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Eligible Termination. The termination of an Eligible Executive's employment (i) by any member of the Company Group without Cause (which, for the avoidance of doubt, does not include a termination due to death or Disability); or (ii) due to an Eligible Executive's resignation for Good Reason.
Eligible Termination. A termination of an Eligible Executive's employment that also constitutes a "separation from service" under Section 409A of the Code (or if the Eligible Executive is not employed in the United States, termination of employment as defined under applicable local law), either (i) by the Employer without Cause at any time while this Policy is in effect, (ii) due to a resignation by the Eligible Executive as a result of a material diminution in authority, duties, or responsibilities of such Eligible... Executive, as compared to the authority, duties, or responsibilities of such individual upon becoming an Eligible Executive, or (iii) due to a resignation by an Eligible Executive within two (2) years following a Change of Control as a result of (A) a requirement that the Eligible Executive relocate his or her principal place of employment by more than fifty (50) miles from the Eligible Executive's principal place of employment immediately before the Change of Control (provided that the relocation increases the length of the Eligible Executive's commute) or (B) a reduction of the sum of the Eligible Executive's Base Salary and total incentive opportunity by more than 10% compared to the level in effect immediately before the Change of Control. An Executive's resignation pursuant to clause (ii) shall be considered an Eligible Termination only if all of the following conditions are met: (A) the Eligible Executive must provide written notice to the Company (in accordance with Section 14(f) hereof) of the existence of the circumstances providing grounds for the Eligible Termination within thirty (30) days of the initial existence of such grounds, (B) the Employer fails to cure such circumstances within thirty (30) days of receiving such notice, and (C) the Eligible Executive actually terminates his or her employment no later than ninety (90) days after the first occurrence of the circumstances giving rise to the Eligible Termination if such circumstances are not cured View More
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