Eligible Transferee

Example Definitions of "Eligible Transferee"
Eligible Transferee. Shall mean (a) any affiliate of CPC; (b) any other commercial bank or other financial institution and (c) any "accredited investor" (as defined in Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933) approved by CPC, and except as otherwise provided in Section 18(a) hereof, as to any such other commercial bank or other financial institution under clause (b), or any such accredited investor under clause (c), as approved by Reseller, such approval of Reseller not to be unreasonably withheld,... conditioned or delayed and such approval to be deemed given by Reseller if no objection from Reseller is received within ten (10) Business Days after written notice of such proposed assignment has been provided by CPC; provided, that, neither Reseller nor any affiliate of Reseller shall qualify as an Eligible Transferee. View More
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