Eligible Voters

Example Definitions of "Eligible Voters"
Eligible Voters. Shall mean (i) Participants employed by the Bank after May 1, 1998 who have unpaid benefits under the Plan and (ii) Beneficiaries of such deceased Participants who have unpaid benefits under the Plan; but excluding (A) after a Change in Control any person who was not a Participant or a Beneficiary sixty-five (65) days prior to the earlier of such Change in Control or the beginning of the Potential Change in Control Period ending with such Change in Control and (B) during a Potential Change in... Control Period any person not a Participant or Beneficiary prior to the beginning thereof; provided, however, that in the event there is more than one such Beneficiary with respect to any individual deceased Participant, such Beneficiaries shall have a single vote which shall be cast as determined by a majority in interests of all Beneficiaries of such deceased Participant. View More
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