Employee in Good Standing

Example Definitions of "Employee in Good Standing"
Employee in Good Standing. Means a Syntroleum employee who is not in violation of any of the following terms and conditions of his employment agreement and/or general company policy; 1.4.1. has not threatened and has no pending legal or quasi-legal proceeding against Syntroleum including but not limited to negotiations (related to employment), mediations, arbitration or litigation; 1.4.2. is current in all monies owed Syntroleum; 1.4.3. has been in the continuous employment of Syntroleum from the Grant Date; 1.4.4. is... not on performance or disciplinary probation; 1.4.5. is not under felony indictment; 1.4.6. has not resigned. Authorized leaves of absence from Syntroleum shall not constitute a resignation/termination of employment for purposes of this Agreement. For purposes of this Agreement, an authorized leave of absence shall be an absence while Grantee is on military leave, sick leave, or other bona fide leave of absence so long as Grantee's right to employment with Syntroleum is guaranteed by statute or contract and is mandatory in nature. View More
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