Employee Invention

Example Definitions of "Employee Invention"
Employee Invention. Any idea, invention, technique, modification, process, or improvement (whether patentable or not), and any work of authorship (whether or not copyright protection may be obtained for it) created, conceived, or developed by the Employee, either solely or in conjunction with others, during the Employment Period, or a period that includes a portion of the Employment Period, that relates in any way to, or is useful in any manner in, the business then being conducted or proposed to be conducted by... the Employer, and any such item created by the Employee, either solely or in conjunction with others, following termination of the Employee's employment with the Employer, that is based upon or uses Confidential Information; provided, however, that any item so created by the Employee that is based upon or uses Confidential Information that the Employee demonstrates was or became generally available to the public, other than as a result of a disclosure by the Employee, will not be deemed to be an Employee Invention for any purposes View More
Employee Invention. Means any Technology, or part thereof, that was conceived, developed, reduced to practice, or created by the Employee: (a) within the scope of his/her employment with the Company from the Date of Hire or while an employee of Worthington Industries doing work for the benefit of Bluegentech, LLC; or (b) with the aid, assistance or use of any of Employer's property, equipment, facilities, supplies, resources, Confidential Information, or Intellectual Property; (c) the result of any work, services... or duties performed by Employee for Employer. View More
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