Employee Plan

Example Definitions of "Employee Plan"
Employee Plan. Any pension, stock bonus, employee stock ownership plan, retirement, disability, medical, dental or other health plan, life insurance or other death benefit plan, profit sharing, deferred compensation, stock option, bonus or other incentive plan, vacation benefit plan, severance plan or other employee benefit plan or arrangement, including any pension, profit-sharing or retirement plans, welfare plan, Defined Benefit Pension Plans (as defined in ERISA) or any multi-employer plan, maintained or... administered for employees of Borrower or any member of the Controlled Group, or any such plan or arrangement to which Borrower or any member of the Controlled Group is required to contribute on behalf of any of its employees. View More
Employee Plan. The Amended and Restated 2018 Equity Incentive Plan of the Company, as amended and restated from time to time
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