End User License Agreement

Example Definitions of "End User License Agreement"
End User License Agreement. The license agreement accompanying SupportSoft Software and governing end users access to and use of the Software
End User License Agreement. The form of agreement accompanied by the StrikeForce Product(s) to be entered into between StrikeForce and each End-User, which grants the End-User the right (and license) to use the licensed StrikeForce Product(s). Should the Distributor/Reseller provide the licensed StrikeForce Products under a private label (through an OEM agreement between the Parties), the End-User License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "EULA") shall contain the same terms and conditions and be no less... protective of the rights of StrikeForce than the ternis and conditions set forth in Exhibit B. All OEM Agreements require SFT approval. View More
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