End Users

Example Definitions of "End Users"
End Users. Users of the Product who have executed Summit's end user license agreement, the current version of which is attached hereto as Exhibit A.
End Users. Individual, human end users who visit or use a Property or AFS Client Application
End Users. Users who have purchased a Product for their internal use only and not for the purpose of further resale, development or modification, subject to the limitations of the End User Software License Agreement that comes with each executable copy of each Software, in the Market and the Territory.
End Users. Customer's members, end-users, customers or any other third parties who utilize or access the Services or the SAVVIS network via the Services provided hereunder.
End Users. Means individual human end users of a Site.
End Users. Individual human end users of a Site
End Users. Individual human end users of a Site or Approved Client Application.
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