Enforcement Event

Example Definitions of "Enforcement Event"
Enforcement Event. Means an Event of Default or any failure by the Company or Pledgor to fully pay or perform any Guaranteed Obligation when due.
Enforcement Event. A default by a Credit Party in the proper performance of the Secured Obligations (whether in whole or in part) provided that such default constitutes an Event of Default which is continuing
Enforcement Event. Means the occurrence and continuation of any Event of Default under the Credit Agreement, which has not been waived by the Administrative Agent; provided that no Enforcement Event shall be deemed to have occurred with respect to XL Insurance Switzerland Ltd., XL Re Europe plc or XL Insurance Company plc (collectively, the "European Entities"), unless such European Entity is the defaulting party.
Enforcement Event. The occurrence of an Event of Default in respect of which notice of acceleration of the Obligations has been given by the Administrative Agent to the Borrowers
Enforcement Event. Means any failure by the Company to fully pay or perform any Secured Obligation when due.
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