Example Definitions of "Engage"
Engage. Employee shall be deemed to be 'Engaged in a Competing Business' if, in any capacity, including proprietor, shareholder, partner, officer, director or employee, Employee engages or participates, directly or indirectly, in the operation, ownership or management of the activity of any proprietorship, partnership, company or other business entity which activity is competitive with the then actual business in which Company is engaged on the date of, or any business contemplated by Company's... business plan in effect on the date of notice of, the termination of Employee's employment by Company. Nothing in this Agreement is intended to limit Employee's ability to own equity in a public company constituting less than one percent (1%) of the outstanding equity of such company, so long as Employee is not actively engaged in the management thereof. View More
Engage. Means participate in, consult with, be employed by, or assist with the organization, policy making, ownership, financing, management, operation, or control of any Similar Business in any capacity (i.e., as independent contractor, consultant, employee, shareholder, member owner or business partner) in which, in the absence of this Agreement, Confidential Information, Inventions, Trade Secrets of the Company or Goodwill would reasonably be considered useful.
Engage. Means engaging or otherwise acquiring or having an interest in, directly or indirectly, as owner or co-owner, investor, partner, founder, stockholder, member, manager, director, officer, employee, agent, representative, independent contractor, salesperson, lender, guarantor, consultant, or an advisor, manager or similar capacity to a business or enterprise that primarily engages in the Restricted Business.
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